Hi, I’m Tatiana, and I’m the publisher of Vegas Attractions. As you can see, my name is already famous in Las Vegas ;)

Vegas Stars

Vegas Stars :)

I created this website to share my experience in the exciting city of Las Vegas, and provide tourist information to Vegas first-timers.

I’m a graphic and web designer with a burning passion for photography. I love sharing what I experience as seen through my eyes, and you bet there’s no better way to vividly capture fascinating people, their culture, lifestyle and nature at its very best than with my camera.

As a newbie traveler, you are most probably thinking that your visit to Sin City will revolve around gambling and night clubs. That’s what my husband and I thought when we first visited the “never sleeping city” 15 years ago. However, as we realized, and as you’ll also soon come to realize from the information provided on the site, there is so much to Las Vegas than just gambling. Impressive shows, fine dining, shopping and tons of attractions and recreation sites will keep you occupied for weeks.

It’s 15 years on, and my husband and I still haven’t had enough of Vegas. That might get you wondering how old I am. Courtesy has it that it is inappropriate to ask a lady about her age, so please be courteous enough not to ask me. I also believe that age is just but a number, and unfortunately, I don’t believe in math. Well, I’ll give you a hint by letting you know that my husband and I are young enough to be baby boomers. Now, you can figure out my age by yourself.

Going back to the subject,

After falling in love with the city during my first visit, I decided to let the whole world know about my wonderful experience, and thus, the website came to life. I always find an excuse to come back and never hesitate to share my experiences. On the site you can therefore expect a lot of in-depth articles and photos on shows, hotels, restaurants, attractions, nightlife and much more, as viewed by a tourist’s eye. You’ll most probably, just like my husband, expect Vegas to pay me due to all the good publicity I give it on the site.

The site also marks my first experience with WordPress. I hope you’ll enjoy my exciting double journey into Las Vegas and WordPress.

After checking out my posts and photos, kindly give me your feedback. It would also be great if you shared your Vegas experience by telling me how awesome it was (Sorry for sounding biased, but I believe everything the city offers is nothing short of amazing).

See you around,


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