Haunted Las Vegas – Get Ready for the Boo!

If you are courageous enough, you may like to learn that Haunted Las Vegas actually exist!
Halloween or not, we have to admit that there is a dark side to the history of this city. We all go to Las Vegas to have fun, but what about some spooky stories?

Everybody knows about the mobs and their sordid history. However maybe not everybody heard about the haunted Flamingo hotel. You may not even have thought about what’s hidden inside the wax figures at the Venetian….Well, there are all kinds of hidden “gems” on Las Vegas Strip . The nearby area is not too spooky free either :)

Haunted Las Vegas Fun

Haunted Las Vegas

Are you ready for some spirited and spooky experiences in Las Vegas and surrounding areas?

There are multiple options for this, with shivering Ghost & Vampire Tours… and they are all part of Las Vegas Attractions :)

You can either:

  • Join a Haunted Las Vegas tour on the Strip,
  • Hunt for ghosts in Goodsprings,
  • Visit Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town for a wedding ceremony,
  • Go on Colorado River to the Oatman ghost town,

Haunted Las Vegas Tours

To start with I’ proposing to you a four-hour fully guided and narrated tour in a ghost town near Las Vegas You will walk through the cemetery and hear about local creepy legends.

Hunting for Ghosts in Goodsprings, Nevada

Goodsprings, Nevada is an old mining town about 30 miles from the city.
* You may have heard about this place from the Travel Channel’s TV show ‘Ghost Adventures”

Vegas to Goodsprings, Nevada Bing map

Since 1904 when this town was founded, a lot of things happened. This unincorporated community in Clark County, Nevada was once a very productive mining place. With the construction of the the railroad in 1910–1911, many new buildings appeared, including a school. But as nothing is static, the mining production declined after the World War I, and the population started to move away. There is not too much left today, other than the saloon, a small store, an abandoned cemetery and some decaying buildings.

I was there and didn’t see any ghosts… But it was not at night-time and I was not looking for them either, However, I agree that the town looks kind of spooky and dingy. I wouldn’t want to live there. One of the main places to visit is the Pioneer Saloon, which is said to be haunted.

The Pioneer Saloon and the General Store

Pioneer Saloon in Good Springs near Las Vegas, Nevada looking creepyThe 100 year old building is one of the oldest saloons in Nevada. You can see a lot of historic artifacts inside, and hear stories. One of the well known stories is about Clark Gable and his wife (Carole Lombard)’s tragic accident. The actor was waiting there for news on the airplane crash which resulted in her death.

Good Springs Pioneer Sallon, Nevada, looking creepyFor the purpose of this story I made my pictures look a little creepy. However, the Pioneer Saloon is an inviting place with very friendly people. They make great gourmet steaks there too!

Don’t worry! if you don’t see any ghosts there, you can at least buy a T-Shirt from the Ghost-Town Cafe :)

Good Springs General Store in Good Springs near Las Vegas, Nevada, looking creepy

I suggest that you to take a trip to Goodsprings, Nevada whether it would be for Halloween or just for fun. Book it now and you will have some stories to tell your friends upon your return home :)

**We have also visited Oatman Arizona, another ghost mining town worth seeing on route 66. But that will be the subject of a next post – Stay tuned! Have a story of your own, share it with us!

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