Las Vegas reflections featured image

There are a lot of reflections in Las Vegas and things to reflect about too ­čśë I always like to take pictures of water and everything that mirrors in it. However, I never stay away from glass especially glass images.┬áThere is a tremendous number of photographic opportunities related to this subject in the amazing┬áCity, Read More

Bellagio Villa and Lake on Las Vegas Strip

I took this picture on a beautiful, sunny day in March, from Bellagio passageway, that connects the hotel to the Las Vegas Strip. It’s incredible how blue and calm the Bellagio Lake was at the time when the fountains were not yet turned on…. But when they are… they are dancing lights ÔÇô it’s, Read More

Las Vegas Emergency Arts

Finally a medical center that doesn’t scare you, but friendly invite you to enter with no fear. Don’t you like this idea of decoration? I personally haven’t seen something like this anywhere else – it’s probably one of those “Only in Las Vegas” things…:)

Luxor Sky Beam in Las Vegas

Did you know that the Luxor Sky Beam in Las Vegas is the strongest beam of light in the world? It’s built with of 42.3 billion candela and on a clear sky it can be seen from a distance of more than 200 miles (400 km) – Again, one of those “Only in Las, Read More