Hi, I’m Tatiana, and I’m the publisher of Vegas Attractions. As you can see, my name is already famous in Las Vegas ;)

Vegas Walk of Stars

“The Las Vegas Walk of Stars, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, started in October 2004 to honor the people who helped make Vegas famous. The stars are located along a 4-mile stretch on both sides of Las Vegas Blvd between Sahara Ave and Russell Blvd.”: Wikipedia

I created this website to share my experience in the exciting city of Las Vegas, and provide tourist information to Vegas first-timers.

I’m a graphic and web designer with a burning passion for photography. There’s no better way to capture the sense of the place, culture, lifestyle, and nature than with my camera.

Las Vegas Art Print featuring the photograph Las Vegas Welcome Sign by Tatiana Travelways

As a newbie traveler, you are most probably thinking that your visit to Sin City will revolve around gambling and night clubs. That’s what my husband and I thought when we first visited the “never sleeping city” 15 years ago. However, as we realized, and as you’ll also soon come to realize from the information provided on the site, there is so much to Las Vegas than just gambling.

Venetian Hotel Art Print featuring the photograph Venetian Hotel Plaza, Las Vegas by Tatiana Travelways

It’s 15 years on, and my husband and I still haven’t had enough of Vegas. That might get you wondering how old I am. You wouldn’t ask a lady about her age anyway… would you? I also know that age is just a number, and I don’t believe in math. Well, I’ll give you a hint though: husband and I are young enough to be baby boomers. Ha, ha… Now, you can figure out my age by yourself :)

Elvis Pink Cadillac Art Print featuring the photograph Elvis Pink Cadillac Tour On Fremont Street Experience by Tatiana Travelways

Going back to the subject,

After falling in love with the city during my first visit, I decided to let the whole world know about my wonderful experience, and thus, the website came to life. I always find an excuse to come back and never hesitate to share my experiences. On the site you can therefore expect a lot of in-depth articles and photos on this city’s life, as viewed by a tourist’s eye.

Water Fountains Art Print featuring the photograph Dancing Water by Tatiana Travelways

This website also marks my first experience with WordPress (2014). I hope you’ll enjoy my exciting double journey into Las Vegas and WordPress.

Oh, BTW: please don’t mind me if sometimes I like to observe and photograph funny things… Well, not all hotels are luxurious in Las Vegas :) For instance, this below, is a distressed cute pink elephant in front of a cheap motel on the Strip. You can read more about this cute pink elephant in my Las Vegas Pink Elephant – Historic Mascot post :)

Las Vegas Pink Elephant

What are your Vegas memories? Please feel free and share your own touristic experiences!

See you around,


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