High Roller Wheel at The LINQ in Las Vegas

I still have to take a ride on the High Roller Wheel at the LINQ in Las Vegas, one day…

Right now however it looks like the wheels stooped turning in the “City that never sleeps” :(
The High Roller Wheel is temporarily closed, and most of other activities are in the same situation…
Hopefully it will reopen soon. Hopefully, things will get back to what they were before, and the fun will start again in the city… Until then, I’ll share with you what I have seen and photographed from outside :)
* Click on the photos for a larger view!
“The High Roller at the end of the Link Promenade (across the street from Bellagio) is a quite new thrilling attraction in Las Vegas. It’s not as much an adrenaline rush as the others… I would say it’s more like an exciting attraction for all ages.”
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I’ve seen and photographed the wheel from several angles, and the top image was from the Linq hotel parking lot. Here is the whole wheel at dusk and the cabins like little beads connected to the main circle. Almost like a necklace :)

Linq Art Print featuring the photograph Link High Roller Wheel Las Vegas, At Dusk by Tatiana Travelways

The Cabins

The round cabins are quite large. Believe it or not, up to 40 people can fit in one and party at the same time! Once inside you will have a 360-degree view of the Strip and the whole Las Vegas Valley for 30 minutes. BTW: while in “flight” you can indulge into alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (by purchase only)

Here are the prices from their official website, with some goodies:

  • Daytime ride ticket: $25
  • Night ride ticket: $37 (starts at 5 PM daily)
  • Youth pricing (ages 7-17): $10 daytime ride, $20 nighttime ride. Children 6 and under are free!
  • Happy Half Hour – Day: $40, includes ride with open bar
  • Happy Half Hour – Night: $52, includes ride with open bar

Another fun thing is that you can buy plastic cups in the shape of the cabins in the gift shop near the entrance :) Probably the gift shop is still open…

Plastic cups in the shape of the cabins in the gift shop

As I said, at that time I was in the mood of photographing the wheel from the outside:

… and for the heck of photographing, I enjoyed shooting the cabins from below, showing the people getting on and off:

Another perspective I found interesting was from the Link Promenade. It happened to be at the Chinese New Year time. I also transformed some into digital paintings for a more artistic look :)

Well, I hope the wheel will start rolling again in Las Vegas, and I’ll be able to take some shots from inside looking down :)

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