Luxor Sky Beam in Las Vegas – The Strongest Light Beam in the world

Did you know that the Luxor Sky Beam in Las Vegas is the strongest beam of light in the world?

It comes from within the glass covered pyramid shaped hotel and it goes up into the blue sky of the Las Vegas Strip. At night you can see the beautiful pyramid silhouette topped with the incredible light pointing up. In addition, the illuminated palm trees and the Spinx in front of it create an image you will remember for a long time.

Luxor Pyramid Art Print featuring the photograph Luxor Pyramid And Sphinx Of Giza, Las Vegas by Tatiana Travelways
People say that the Luxor Sky Beam can be seen from a distance of more than 200 miles (400 km). I don’t remember seeing it when we first flew into Las Vegas, but I was not aware of it either. However, if you take a helicopter tour at night you will certainly not miss it.

Don’t think that the beam comes from one oversized bulb, because it doesn’t. The engineers built this from 39 individual 7,000 watt bulbs. Whatever they did, they certainly created one of the main attractions in this city of lights. It is nevertheless a masterpiece of technology

The picture is available in my Las Vegas Attractions photo collection as art prints for various uses in various sizes and prices. If you want it as a souvenir, just click on the image to see all the options.

Here is an example of how the Luxor Sky Beam along with the pyramid and Sphinx can look like in your living-room. I’m proud to say that I just sold a large canvas print with this picture :)

Luxor light beam, pyramid and sphinx Las Vegas - art print

But this pyramid with its sky beam and Sphinx are so cool, you cannot have enough souvenirs with them… What about a tote bag, weekender bag or a coffee mug? :) Click on them for options and prices:

Luxor Las Vegas Bag
Luxor Las Vegas Bag
Luxor Las Vegas Coffee Mug

And here there are even some more Las Vegas souvenirs and gift ideas for you:

Luxor Las Vegas Home Decor souvenirs

But if you want just the Sphinx, you can have that too. To give you some examples, here you can see a tote bag, round beach towel, and a duvet cover. Just click on them for details:

The Sphinx At Luxor, Las Vegas Tote Bag for Sale by Tatiana Travelways
The Sphinx at Luxor, Las Vegas' Throw Pillow by travelways
The Sphinx At Luxor, Las Vegas Duvet Cover for Sale by Tatiana Travelways

– Again, one of those “Only in Las Vegas” things :)

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