Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas – Jumping down from the Top of the World

Did you know that the “Sky-Jump” from the Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas is the highest jump in North America?

Study are touting the benefits of jumping. So if falling down from the height of 1,149 ft (350.2 m) looks attractive to your senses, don’t delay! it’s just for fun :)

Stratosphere Tower Jumper

It’s a steep descent however, and you will come down at a speed of about 40 miles per hour!
*From the Stratosphere Hotel website I learned that the jump “holds a Guinness World Record as the highest commercial decelerator descent facility!

You can jump anytime you want: in the daytime, at sunset or at night time – it’s all there for you :)

BTW: their operating hours are:
10am-1am | Sunday-Thursday
10am-2am | Friday-Saturday

Skyjump Art Print featuring the photograph Skyjump From The Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas by Tatiana Travelways
Skyjump From The Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas

Well, heights are not my favorite thing, so I cannot tell how it feels to jump from the “Top of the world”. What I can tell is that it was fun to watch and photograph this popular activity from the ground. Well, sometimes a little change in perspective is fun. I like that especially when I have the choice, ha, ha :)

From the photos you can see that it is pretty secure though. Just look at all the ropes this jumper has on him!
However, as secure as it is, there are still some restrictions: You have to be 14 years or older proven by a Valid photo ID. Also, “All jumpers between 14-17 years old MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who MUST sign an authorization waiver.” To me it makes sense ;)

Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas Souvenirs and Gift Ideas

If you have been there and would like to have some souvenirs, here is a postcard I made for you:

Stratosphere Tower Postcard

But the pictures above are available as gifts ideas and fashion items as well. You can have a T-shirt or a backpack for example, showing that you have done that.

Stratosphere Tower T-shirt
Stratosphere Tower backpack

What a bout a laptop skin for you or that computer enthusiast in your family?

Stratosphere Tower Laptop skin

Just Click on the images to see all the options.

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