Winter Holidays in Las Vegas are Grandiose, Luxurious and Fun!

This year we are spending the winter holidays in Las Vegas.

Where are you spending yours?

Wherever you are and will be for this season, I wish you Happy Winter Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

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I actually took this close-up photo while admiring the beautiful winter decorations at Palazzo, and it is also part of my FAA gallery:

BTW: Have you been at Palazzo before? Whether your answer is yes, or no, be prepared to have your breath taken away… this is what I’ve seen there. – Click to see a larger format in my gallery:

Here is a vertical version of “Acqua di Cristallo” water sculpture, Inside the Palazzo lobby, in Las Vegas. Created by Samuel G. Bocchicchio in 2008, stands as a centerpiece under a beautiful cupola, surrounded snowflakes decorations. It’s like a piece from the winter wonderland fairy-tale story.

I was impressed not only by the beautiful ice-looking sculpture, but also by the majestic white bird, with the tail made out of white poinsettias:

But hey, if you ever decide to come to the “Sin City” this season, it’s not too late – The party goes on and on and I anticipate it will be as glorious as always!

Winter Holidays in Las Vegas – things to do and see

Bellagio Hotel is a busy place at Christmas time. Want to know why? Just take a look at the winter theme at Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory – a wonderland they create every year.

Winter-Wonderland, Bellagio,Las Vegas
by Tatiana Travelways
Winter-Wonderland, Bellagio,Las Vegas
Las Vegas shops

According to the officials, Christmas Day in Las Vegas is the busiest day of the year. This is because ALL the stores are open! Well, people coming from Canada are used to go shopping the second day of Christmas (Boxing Day), but… Shopping Las Vegas style is different :)

So, maybe now is the time to buy that dream souvenir from a dream place… don’t forget to look for discounts. This is a glimpse inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, an incredible mall on three levels, with hundreds of shops, columns, arches, cupolas and reproductions of antique roman and Italian sculptures.

Caesars Palace Shopping Center Las Vegas
by Tatiana Travelways
Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

In the anticipation of the New Year’s Eve you can stay warm and watch your favorite stars inside… But the Entertainment in Las Vegas never ends and if you know how to shop you can find some great deals and discounts.

Chinese New Year’s Eve Celebration in Las Vegas

The Chinese New Year in Las Vegas, practically ends the winter season, but the lights and all the decorations will be on.

What else can you do for the winter holidays in Las Vegas

Winter holidays in Las Vegas are for everyone. You can go skating at Cosmopolitan, skiing at Mount Charleston, or have a romantic gondola ride in an authentic Italian gondola at the Venetian hotel.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you Happy Holidays and I hope you will have a lot of fun! :)

** I initially made this post in 2015 and updated it today

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