The Bellagio Botanical Garden Spring 2014 is a unique must-see and free attraction redefining nature’s beauty. As a matter of fact, it makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland. It makes you think that for a moment you are not in Vegas.

Spring garden at Bellagio Conservatory Hotel, Las Vegas in 2014

Spring garden at Bellagio Conservatory Hotel, Las Vegas in 2014

Bellagio Botanical Garden Spring 2014

Before visiting it, my husband and I had not even in our wildest dreams imagined that the Vegas environment could accommodate such a maxed-out flora experience.

First impression and reaction

It all starts at the hotel lobby. When we first arrived at the Bellagio, we couldn’t believe our eyes. The front desk was arranged like an Italian village at spring time.

The Garden

After walking past the lobby, we arrived at an indoor paradise. For a moment, I couldn’t hear anything that my husband was saying to me. The awe and sheer amazement of the meticulously planned display of nature blocked all my other senses, of course except my sense of sight.

The beautiful flowers and unique designs were a sight to behold. As I leisurely strolled along the paths, we admired the vibrant plant life, bridges, ponds, and lofty structures. One of the most impressive item is a replica of a spring landscape painting made all out of real flowers – you really have to see it!

Bellagio Botanical Garden Spring 2014 - Paint with real flowers at Bellagio Gardens spring 2014

Paint with real flowers at Bellagio Gardens spring 2014


The “Spring Celebration” theme this year is based on butterflies and you can see them all over – there are even some real beautiful ones in the green-house in the middle of the garden. There is plenty of natural light during the day thanks to the conservatory’s beautiful glass ceiling. You can take as many pictures as you like. However, it may be a bit of a hassle due to the many visitors usually present.

The flowers

The spring garden is an attractive collection of real flowers, trees, plants and shrubs in scenic arrangements. I simply couldn’t stop taking photos of the beautiful flowers displayed.

Flower pots Six and eight foot multi colored and festive pots are ready to be planted with fragrant flowers of the spring season #bellagiogardens


Entertainment is provided for the guests in the form of live musical performances every day from 5 p.m. to 6p.m. This year of 2014, guitarists and percussionists are featured on the stage daily from 5pm to 6pm filling the air with sounds of Jazz, Flamenco, Brazilian Fusion style music and Cajon drums.

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