Rain in Las Vegas – a Free Tourist Attraction ;)

Does it rain in Las Vegas? What a question! Of course it doesn’t unless…

Raining in Las vegas

Rain can happen in Las Vegas too 🙂

Rain in Las Vegas is a total event… and it’s FREE

… Well, when it rains in Las Vegas it looks like in this video taken by William Reynolds

When people say it doesn't rain in vegas...⚡️

Posted by William Reynolds on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Is it not amazing? I took my photo of a light rain in Las Vegas during the summer of 2014, and I thought it was something fantastic – it looks like that was just a joke compared to what it’s really like when you have two inches of rain.

I heard that because the ground is so dry, the water just runs whereever there is a low spot and it cannot be stopped. You can see what happens is in this other video from the FOX 5 local forecast from October 17 2015.

In addition:

Flooding of streets and freeways were reported across much of the area, as well as dozens of car crashes that slowed down the commute.

Imagine that the weather was so weird that even some snow was reported at  higher elevations in the Spring Mountain area, which is quite close to the city.

Well, in Las Vegas you should always be prepeared for the “unxpected” – right 😉


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