Villa Bellagio and Lake on Las Vegas Strip

Villa Bellagio and Lake on Las Vegas Strip

Villa Bellagio and Lake on Las Vegas Strip

I took this picture on a beautiful, sunny day in March, from Bellagio passageway, that connects the hotel to the Las Vegas Strip. It’s incredible how blue and calm the Bellagio Lake was at the time when the fountains were not yet turned on…. But when they are… they are dancing lights – it’s magic! Click here to see the Dancing Fountains in Las Vegas – the show is free and spectacular!

If you think that this photo is colorful, you should go inside and see… At Bellagio Las Vegas, the colors and decor vary with every season. The lobby, the inside gardens and shopping mall look continuously different and amaze visitors all the time.

… and the best of all is that they are all FREE Las Vegas attractions! :)

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Bellagio villa framed art print

For the fun of challenges:

Pick a Word in December – Y3: aquamarine, cyan, maroon, pale pink, goldenNovember Photo a Day – 20: B is for Bellagio | Vibrant Colors for the fun of challenges :)

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