Heart Attack Grill Downtown Las Vegas – A Cool Satire To Unhealthy Foods :)

“Fun is good.” said Dr. Seuss and I agree with him :)

What a surprising and great idea for a restaurant name: “Heart Attack Grill”! Why just another “Burgers and Fries” name when you can be a little more creative and fun? But the whole thing is not just about the name. Let’s go inside and see the fun :)

To start with, these are some hungry customers at the Heart Attack Grill, Downtown Las Vegas:

Hungry customers at Heart Attack Grill, Downtown Las Vegas
  • In fact this is all it is: a burger place – but a cool one! … And I think it takes a little sense of humor to go and eat there :)

Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas

The Heart Attack Grill restaurant is situated in Downtown Las Vegas, on Fremont Street Experience, right at the bottom of the Slotzilla tower. Here is an outside window of the restaurant:

Outside window of the Heart Attack Grill Restaurant Las Vegas

All you can see starting with the entrance, is meant to remind you that you are going to eat in a dangerous place.

One of the signs outside says:

CASH ONLY – Because you might die before the check clears. ATM inside :)

Sign on the window of the Hart Attack Grill Restaurant

That’s not all: customers who weigh above 350 pounds eat for free! – Finally, there’s a place that appreciates you for packing extra pounds. Crazy, right? Only in Las Vegas! :)

Heart Attack Grill Scale - Over 350 lbs eats free

Heart Attack Grill is a hospital-themed restaurant

The waitresses are dressed like nurses and customers are given hospital gowns to wear.

Gowns given to clients at the entrance of the Heart Attack Grill restaurant in Las Vegas

To be honest, I never eat there, not because I don’t have that sense of humor, but because – I have to say that sometimes my husband lacks it… Well, it’s understandable considering that he’s vegan and has a strong aversion to hospitals. Myself however, I had a moment of an impasse – Should I enter or turn around?… I decided to go for it just by curiosity :)

That evening we went down the Fremont Street to a Moroccan restaurant that serves vegetarian food as well.

… But nothing tastes better than a juicy hamburger sandwich with a side of greasy french fries topped with Ketchup. After all, restricted things are so attractive! ;)

Eating at the Hear Attack Grill Las Vegas

Fact is that if you are a junk food lover, the menu at the Heart Attack Grill will definitely grab your attention. They have the world’s highest calorie burger, which was voted by Guinness as packing 9,982 calories.

This is a waiter explaining the menu to customers at the Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas:

Waitress explaining the menu to customers at the Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas

That whooping amount is surely too much for my calorie bank to handle. They also offer the Double Bypass, Triple Bypass and Quadruple Bypass Burger.

  • “Borborygmus” you said? Ha, ha, maybe… :)

The menu is not the only wild thing about this place. Inside the restaurant the decor is also very creative :) I uploaded this photo to my Fine Art America and it’s available as art print for wall, home decor or accessories. This below for instance, is an example of an Acrylic art print. Just click on it to see the options, and you can have it as a souvenir…

Funny interior decoration at the Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas

Apart from the humongous burgers, they have “fatliner” fries and butterfat shakes. Coca-Cola loaded with sugar is of course present. Don’t want sugar? Don’t worry the diet cola made with poisonous sweeteners is also available.

Coca-Cola and the world's highest butterfat content milk shakes at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas

All in all, I’ve seen that customers were totally satisfied and families were having fun and a good time.

Customers at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas

Here is a happy couple who went to the Heart Attack Grill to celebrate her birthday – good choice! :)

Birthday celebration at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas

This can be called a novel on unhealthy eating, but it is rather on creativity and…FUN :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great photos. I would likely shy away from the place with a name like that. I wouldn’t know what I would find to order. Your fun photos helped show how the adventure would be worth it to go there!

  2. Thank you Patti :) What it’s even funnier is that the Amazon affiliate ads based on the content of the page give two books on “Heart Attack”! Ha, ha… :)

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