Fremont Street Experience Neon Lights

The glowing Fremont Street Experience Neon Lights are among the top of “Free Attractions” in Las Vegas. Believe me, there is a lot to see and do between Main Street and Las Vegas Blvd. I highlighted the area it on the map:

Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas Bing map

For the length of five blocks you get totally blown away by the glistering neon lights continuously moving day and night. Part of the historic Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street Experience has changed over the years.
** I uploaded my travel photos to the Fine Art America, and they are available as art prints. Just click on the links to see them:

Today, this exacting and entertaining street starts at the popular Slotzilla zip line tower.

From there, a huge concave canopy covers the whole area, and offers one of the most spectacular light show ever. (This is a painting I made from my travel photo, in the digital media):

It’s all about lights, lights, and more lights, not forgetting the music! Now I’m talking about Viva Vision, the centerpiece of the Fremont Street Experience.

The Viva Vision light show

This is breath taking show that plays on a four-block long canopy video screen. It really is the largest video screen in the world. When we first visited this place I was not aware of this marvel. I was surprised to see that all the lights around the other casinos suddenly turned off. For a moment I thought there was a power failure. All of a sudden, a combination of sound and lights started to happen over my head. The screen displayed animations, cool designs and national symbols in a dazzling fashion. I couldn’t believe my eyes…!

Although the show lasted for 10 minutes, I thought it ended too soon. It looked much more awesome than in the photos I took, and it takes place every hour after dusk.

Fremont Street Experience Neon Lights

As fantastic as it is, the show however will never take over the authentic historic values of downtown Las Vegas. I think that what you see on the Fremont Street experience has an invaluable cultural meaning for this iconic city of the World.

Illuminated historic hotels/casinos

Just look at the glowing old fashion Fremont Casino and 4 Queens Casino, illuminated with thousand of light bulbs and neon:

BTW, I sold a dress from my RedBubble gallery with the Fremont Casino on Fremont street Experience :)

The sparkling lights on the Fremont Street Experience are certainly meant to constantly lure people in. The place is always busy and there are attractions everywhere. After-all, Las Vegas is all about entertainment, fun and money. I made this scene in front of the Golden Nugget hotel and casino as a painting in the digital media

I really liked to play with the colorful photos I took on the Fremont Street Experience. Here is the entrance to the Golden Nugget from a back street, all golden of course. I made it as a color pencil painting and sold a Greeting Card of it. Thank you, buyer from Yakima, WA.!

Bars and Restaurants

The excitement however doesn’t stop with the casinos. Many bars, restaurants and souvenirs shops compete with each-other to pull you in. Everybody wants money in Las Vegas, including the street entertainers :)

The iconic cow girl neon sign at Glitter Gulch is another example. It can make you abandon any other plans and decide to have an eyeful at this gentleman’s club.

Check out my Fremont Street Experience gallery for more pictures of this unique street. They are all available as art prints for wall, home decor and other gift ideas.

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