Martini Glass Neon Sign Las Vegas Gift ideas

The Martini Glass Neon Sign in Las Vegas glows in the night on the Fremont Street. It stands out right after you pass the El Cortez hotel. This is an old iconic sign in Downtown Las Vegas, same with some other historic neon signs there. Not only, but it’s one of my bestseller photograph :)

Las Vegas Art Print featuring the photograph Martini Glass Las Vegas by Tatiana Travelways

I photographed it at night of course, and I was lucky to get all the colors in it, including the green olive. I also gave the picture a painterly look for more vibrancy. As a gift or just for yourself, I think it will look nice as a wall decor on any room. It can be printed on canvas, metal, acrylic, wood or just as a poster.

Martini glass art print on the wall

But there are another cool ideas too… Therefore, from a simple print for the wall, I progressed and designed a beach towel :)
– I got the idea from a Facebook forum. One participant was wondering if actually anybody goes for sunbathing by the pool while in Vegas. My reply was that I personally don’t go to Vegas for this. However it is always good to be prepared, just in case…

So, here it is: the Martini glass Las Vegas beach towel already positioned on the sand. * No, the beach doesn’t come with it – that would be nice though, ha, ha :)

Neon sign Las Vegas Beach Towel

But when you go to Las Vegas you can also wear it as a t-shirt, blouse or dress. Why not? Are there any limitations on how to use a Martini glass?? :) You will look great going on the strip, in a bar or casino. Just look at the girls below. Aren’t they pretty?

Martini Glass Las Vegas more gift ideas

And because there are no limitations, let’s go further in using the martini glass! Why not to consider some cool Las Vegas souvenirs or gift ideas for those waiting for you at home?

Martini glass coasters
Martini glass travel mug
Floor pillow

All these are just some of the designs I made using the picture of the Martini glass neon sign. Just click on the pictures and you will see many others. Cheers! :)

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  1. Oh I meant I loved the photo you chose for Cee’s prompt of glasses, he he, as you said, quite nostalgic 😁

  2. Thank you Irene. You mean you “loved it? when you have been in Vegas? I agree it’s a nice nostalgic neon sign :)

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