Las Vegas Iconic Neon Signs

Las Vegas iconic neon signs have had a big influence over time to the fame of this city of lights. Sparkling on the sky, along the strip or downtown, they definitely are part of the common memory of all the tourists who have visited the city throughout the years.

Las Vegas iconic neon signs on the strip

Nevertheless, the most iconic neon sign of this city of lights is the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas Welcome sign

…it is followed by the Welcome to downtown sign on the Fremont Street Experience

The Strip is maybe the main the place where you can see the most neon signs sighing at night:

Las Vegas neon signs on the strip

Las Vegas neon signs on the strip

Flamingo neon sign

For me this Flamingo neon sign was the one the always reminded me of Las Vegas, and coming back after more than 10 years I was happy to see that it was still there :)

Flamingo Las Vegas iconic neon sign on the strip

The Flamingo hotel and casino front sign dates back to 1953, and it was designed by Bill Clark of Ad-Art when the original version of the hotel was remodeled.

Flamingo Neon sigh at night in Las Vegas

Circus Circus Clown

Another famous Las Vegas neon sign is the clown at the “Circus Circus” casino entrance – it’s just across from where Riviera used to be. The sign was provided by Young Electric Sign Company, and was constructed in 1976.

Circus Circus neon sign on the Las Vegas strip

Circus Circus neon sign on the Las Vegas strip

The Circus Circus casino, designed as a giant circus tent is lluminated by neon and thousands of light bulbs

Circus Circus casino

Circus Circus is the largest permanent big top in the world

Paris Las Vegas

The beautiful montgolfier neon sign at the Paris hotel, is not an antique iconic sign (it stands on Las Vegas strip since 1999), but it deserves full attention, because of its unique spherical shape.

Paris Las Vegas neon sign

Paris Las Vegas neon sign

Pepsi-Cola Neon Sign

This is a cool animated neon sign above the Starbucks Cafe on a side of the NY-NY complex on Las Vegas Strip. Although it looks like a vintage neon sign, with classic characters, I couldn’t find any information about it’s history… If anybody knows anything about it, please share.

Pepsi-Cola neon sign on Las Vegas Strip

Pepsi-Cola neon sign on Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Historic Neon Signs on the Strip

Part of the famous neon signs of Las Vegas unfortunately disappeared over time or have been changed, but some of them still exist and new ones have appeared.

Las Vegas Hilton sign - November, 2007 as it appears on Las Vegas Sun newspaper

Las Vegas Hilton sign – November, 2007 as it appears on Las Vegas Sun newspaper

Westgate hotel sign

Las Vegas Westgate hotel sign – February 2015

Riviera hotel and casino neon sign

Fabled Las Vegas casino closes after 60 years…. A big loss was the colorful neon sign that was displayed on the Riviera hotel and casino since April 20, 1955… I’m glad that I was able to take this photo before the hotel had been imploded in May this year (2015), after 60 years of existence. It was bought by Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, which will build a convention center in place.

Neon sign on Riviera hotel

Neon display on Riviera hotel –

Las Vegas Neon Museum

Other Las Vegas iconic neon signs are being restored to be used again, or just to be displayed for all those who want to bring back memories of what the city once was. When you visit the the Neon Museum you can see them all.

Las Vegas Neon Museum

Las Vegas Neon Museum

I just read that the Riviera sign found its home at this museum as well: The light shines again on the Riviera’s iconic signLiberace would have maybe come to celebrate this last event of the Riviera, as he did for its inauguration, but Liberace himself doesn’t have a home in Las Vegas anymore…

The famous Las Vegas lights don’t end here, and not on at strip either. Most of the Las Vegas iconic neon signs can be seen on Fremont Street downtown.

Las Vegas neon lights on Fremont Street

– Stay tuned for more…

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