Dolan Springs Arizona near Las Vegas

Dolan Springs Arizona and authentic Wild-West village near Las Vegas. On the way to the Grand Canyon West going by bus, you pass through it. This small village is also gate to many South Arizona tourist attractions.Tourbus from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon passing through Dolan Springs, Arizona

In the image above, you can see a tour bus coming from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West rim. It is worth taking one of these guided tours, because they will bring you to many other attractions on the way. Click to learn more!


Dolan Springs is actually half way between Hoover Dam, and Kingman Arizona.

Dolan Springs, Arizona map

If you are driving from Las Vegas, on Hwy 93, when you see the sign for Grand Canyon, you turn left and you are almost there :)

The village is a great stop for gas, a cup of coffee and some souvenirs.

It is worth it a quick look around :) Here is a beautiful wild west mural I’ve seen across from the coffee shop above

Western Mural Art Art Print featuring the photograph Wild West Mural by Tatiana Travelways

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Near Las Vegas tourism

For a serious traveler, Las Vegas is a good base for visiting a lot of attractions nearby in Arizona, Nevada and California. We visited quite a few of them, and one I made a post of, was the London Bridge at Lake Havasu.

In Nevada, the closest places to visit are the Lake Mead and Hover Dam.

However, if you don’t have enough time to drive or take a tour by bus, you can also do it faster by helicopter. There are several day trips excursions from Las Vegas for everybody!

Stay tuned for more:)

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