Gambling Las Vegas – Get The Edge For Winning

Gambling Las Vegas – a comprehensive guide from a non gambler, but a curios observer…

If you’re planning on spending some time in Las Vegas gambling, there are a lot of ways for the casinos to take your money. But there are also steps you can take to gain an edge and come out a winner.

Gambling and winning on slot machine at Las Vegas Club casino - on Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

This is a lady I met in the Club Casino on Fremont Street Experience. (this historic casino and hotel is now closed for renovation). She was gambling and winning at a slot machine just to kill some extra time.

But, whether you are doing it just for fun or for an additional income, gambling is always a challenge. What it’s funnier is that all casinos serve free alcohol when you gamble – When you are tipsy it’s easier to play… ha, ha :)

Finding the best places to gamble and taking advantage of the following tips will help you have the best time possible–and hopefully have you come out on top.

Gambling Las Vegas Tips

According to USA Today, your best play with the lowest cost is sports betting. After all the math is said and done, it only comes out to a seventeen cent loss per hour.

Race & Sports Book in Paris Las Vegas

Race & Sports Book in Paris Las Vegas

If sports betting is not your thing, here are some of the better options to go for:

  • Play At The Tables, Not The Machines
    – Games like blackjack and three card poker are decent options, but they move pretty fast. The slower the game, the less per hour you’ll lose. One game, Let It Ride, is a very slow-moving poker game that pays big if you hit the best hands.
  • Become a Real “Player” by Joining the Club
    – It’s like having a grocery savings card but for the games. Signing up gives you a card and the casino will track your betting. Many offer perks for simply becoming a member. This is the easiest way to gain a slight advantage.
  • Study The Games You Like to Play
    – This is something you can do on your own time. Studying the games you plan to play using books or software will teach you the intricacies of the game and get you used to how it flows. Also, you can learn from those who have played and win by researching gambling stories, tales of success and failure from people just like you and me.
  • Ask at your hotel or any casino for free gambling training
    – In order to attract new customers, some casino offer to teach you about the rules of the game and even tips and tricks. Don’t miss this opportunity ;)
  • Where you play is almost as important as how you play
    – Some will say that off the strip is best but the really huge winnings are at the bigger hotels. Don’t be afraid to make the trip to downtown, where Fremont street and the rest of the area offers some classic gambling halls and casinos.

Whatever your flavor, here are some places where you can try your luck in Las Vegas gambling:

Las Vegas Casino Hotels

These are the grand daddies of them all. The big casinos, such as the MGM Grand, Belaggio, Excalibur, Tressure Island, Mandalay Bay, Wynn, etc. on the Strip, or The D, Binions, Las Vegas Club, 4 Queens, El Cortez on Fremont Street, are about as gorgeous as they can get.

Here is the one million dollars pyramid display at Binion’s Casino:

One million dollars pyramid display at Binion's Casino on Fremont Street

You will have no problem finding an open table that has your game–and your name–on it.

Playing at the table at Silverton Casino, Las Vegas

Playing at the table at Silverton Casino, Las Vegas

But why not spend some time just for fun and try your luck? After all, you are in Vegas! :)

Flamingo Casino Wheel of Fortune

Flamingo Casino Wheel of Fortune

In Las Vegas gambling is available EVERYWHERE in the city :)

Gambling in convenience stores in Las Vegas

Gambling in convenience stores in Las Vegas

It almost doesn’t matter where you go, you are bound to find a slot machine or a poker machine in almost every public place of business. There’s gaming at restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, fast food joints, even at the car rental places :) Who knows? These off-one places may be the location where you hit it big.

Classic Las Vegas Gambling for the Purists

There are still many areas where you can play on the old nostalgic slot machines that require dropping money in and, when winning, hearing the coins hit the metal basket. The Las Vegas Club off the Fremont Street Experience is one place for you classic wannabes.

Gambling Machine Las Vegas

… But there are other old-time gems around, too. If you like to go back in history, you can see some great gambling antiques at the Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Gambling History at Nevada State Museum

Las Vegas Gambling History at Nevada State Museum

And this is a poster I made with some photos of antique gambling machines I took in the museum. If you like it click on it for details:

Antique Art Print featuring the photograph Antique Gambling Machines Poster by Tatiana Travelways

Las Vegas gambling shops

As you know, practice makes perfect. Having your hands on the cards, throwing the dice whenever you want, and placing a bet when it doesn’t really count makes for great practice without losing your shirt. If you’re looking to get some legitimate casino wares to practice with, look no further than the Las Vegas Gamblers General Store. They have all things gaming here, from cards and dice to home tables and custom supplies. It is the worlds largest gambling superstore.

Las Vegas Gamblers General Store

Las Vegas Gamblers General Store

Las Vegas gambling is one of the hottest attractions in Vegas for a reason. The heart-pounding thrill of winning–and even almost winning–is quite the adrenaline rush. You can have a lot of fun and potentially come out a big winner if you take the time to do your homework, practice, and a nice visit from Lady Luck won’t hurt either.

For the fun of challenges:

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