Las Vegas Strip: 7 World Wonders in One Place

Las Vegas Strip is a tour around the World. Starting with the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, the Strip is a place of contrasts and surprises

Some think that the “Sin City” is nothing but a collection of kitsch, and in some respects they are right :) However I do admire what so many artists and architects were able to build in this place situated in the middle of a desert.

To better illustrate this, here are some representative images – my favorites of Las Vegas Strip, from my Fine Art America collection, also available as prints – click on them for a larger, better view:

New York, New York

New York, New York hotel and casino complex, replicates the New York City skyline from the 1940’s. You can from far most significant towers like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, and also the Statue of Liberty in front of it.

And here is a close-up on the famous Lion at MGM hotel complex, across the New York hotel. It’s a bronze statue on the corner of Las Vegas Strip and Tropicana Boulevard. The majestic animal is actually called Leo, is largest bronze sculpture in the U.S., of 45 feet tall and 50 tons in weight.


Luxor Hotel and casino, featuring the Giza Pyramid and the Sphinx.
– The Pyramid is actually a 22 store hotel and on top it has the strongest beam of light in the world, of 42.3 billion candela


The medieval Excalibur castle, named after the King Arthur mythical sword stands up on Las Vegas Strip with the modern monorail riding in front of it. In addition, a pedestrian bridge also built in the medieval architectural style facilitates the safe cross above the traffic.

#4 Paris

Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, has all the elements you need to feel like for the moment you are in the French capital. The Eiffel Tower with it’s Montgolfier balloon are already iconic signs, as well as the famous Arch de Triumph.
Eiffel Tower:

Paris, Las Vegas at dusk
Romantic Paris Las Vegas

Arch de Triumph:

Arch du Triumph, Paris, Las Vegas by Tatiana Travelways
Arch de Triumph on the strip at night
Paris, Las Vegas at night painterly by Tatiana Travelways
Paris, Las Vegas at night painterly

It’s well worth it to enter inside of the complex to view all the restaurants and Parisian artifacts, including the cobblestone streets and boutiques. Check my gallery for many more images of Paris Las Vegas, available as art prints and gift ideas.

#5 Venice

Venetian Hotel is an amazing replica of the Italian World landmark. Here you can also have a ride on authentic gondolas with gondoliers singing in Italian – their Chinese accent gets unnoticed :)

#6 Bellagio

Bellagio Las Vegas hotel / casino complex was inspired by the place with the same name on Lake Como, Italy, and I found it beautiful, even though it’s just a replica in the desert of Nevada…

#7 Rome

Caesars Palace with its Colosseum and Forums Shops

As huge as it looks from outside, the Palace is inside as well. Of course the place is well known for the shows casinos and restaurants. However in between those activities, it is worth it to take a walk through the hallways and rooms. The Roman specific artifacts are not only amazing, but if yo haven’t visited Rome in Italy, now is the chance to admire them.

Bottom line, I think that Las Vegas is a unique place, totally different from anything else in the World, and the Strip is the heart of it. It’s wort it to visit and see it with your own eyes, at least once in a lifetime. You can see more of the amazing attractions of this place in my other related posts

Wow, I’m excited to announce that I just sold the first Las Vegas 12 month calendar for this year, on my Zazzle shop! :)

6 Comments on “Las Vegas Strip: 7 World Wonders in One Place”

  1. I haven’t been to Vegas in a few years. Your photographs brought back some fond memories of the conferences I attended there and all of those scenes you have represented in this article. Very nicely done, Tatiana.

  2. Oh we stayed there in Excalibur. And that was a good 14 years ago when the kids were still little. Thanks for taking me back to memory lane.

  3. Thank you for joining in – they all do stand out! But the Luxor Hotel fits blending in as well – only sand colour is right there…

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