Venetian Hotel Las Vegas – Experience Venice in Nevada

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas is one of the top attractions on the strip, and it features an amazing Venice, Italy themed design. When visiting the hotel you can imagine for a few seconds that you are actually in Italy… But this is not the point – You are definitely in the city of ALL possibilities :)

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas, a unique experience you can only have in… Las Vegas! :)

Located at the heart of the famous Strip, the whole complex has Venice, Italy written all over it.

* I uploaded many of these photos to my Fine Art America gallery. If you are interested, click on them to see details and options:

Without the neon signs popping all over and around it, you could really believe for the moment that you are right there in the famous European city… This is a painterly version of my original photo:

But, how COOL! Somebody bought a Can Cooler with this image from my Society6 store :)
It was probably somebody who visited Las Vegas and wanted to have a souvenir – Nice! :)
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Here is a detail of this incredibly beautiful replica: of the Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale), in Las Vegas

The Venetian Tower is also a beautiful replica of the St. Mark’s Campanile, found in the Italian City of Venice.

Gondola Rides at the Venetian Las Vegas

A visit to the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas would be incomplete without a gondola ride.
There are two-person and four-person gondolas. My husband and I opted for the four-seat ride, which costed us $29.00 per person. That was an outside tour – If you want an indoors tour as well, you pay double. We were paired up with another couple who were very friendly. Therefore, we bonded easily. BTW: a private gondola for two people costs $116.00 per person. On holidays the prices are different, but you better check on their website:
* This is a picture I took there as a souvenir:

Almost like Venice in Italy, this Nevada replica is one of the most romantic places to be. You may go to there get married, or just for celebrating your anniversary… You may just want to have a memorable moment with your beloved one. Either way, if you take a gondola ride I assure you that you will always remember it…

The gondoliers (of all nationalities), sing well known Italian songs that enhance the romantic mood of the ride. I also heard that all gondolas are authentic, imported directly from Italy. This picture below is another watercolor I made in digital media, from one of my photos. It is also available as art print in my gallery:

A nice feature of the place are the stairs by the water where you can seat, relax and watch the activities on the water or on the strip. I also made this picture below as a painting in digital media:

Well…, Venetian is definitely my favorite place in Las Vegas :)

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  2. I tried to like this but it just keeps saying loading. Your pictures are very vivid and vibrant! I love the story along with the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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