Venetian Hotel Las Vegas – Experience Venice in Nevada

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas is one of the top attractions on the strip, and it features an amazing Venice, Italy themed design. When visiting the hotel you can imagine for a few seconds that you are actually in Italy… But this is not the point – You are definitely in the city of ALL possibilities :)

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas, a unique experience you can only have in… Las Vegas! :)

Located at the heart of the famous Strip, the whole complex has Venice, Italy written all over it.

Las Vegas San Marco Plaza at dusk
The Venetian Tower for instance, is a replica of the St. Mark’s Campanile, found in the Italian City of Venice. Other Italian historical landmarks that the hotel has recreated include St. Mark’s Square with Doge’s Palace.
Gondolas at Venetian Hotel Las Vegas
Here is a detail of this incredibly beautiful replica:
Venetian Palazzo Ducale, Las Vegas - Architecture detail

Gondola Rides at the Venetian Las Vegas

A visit to the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas would be incomplete without a gondola ride.

Water reflections at Venetian, Las Vegas

Almost like Venice in Italy, this Nevada replica is one of the most romantic places to be. You may go to get married, or for your anniversary… You may just want to have a memorable moment with your beloved one. Either way, take a gondola ride and you will always remember it.

Gondola ride at Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

There are two-person and four-person gondolas. My husband and I opted for the four-seat ride, which costed us $29.00 per person. That was an outside tour – If you want an indoors tour as well, you pay double. We were paired up with another couple who were very friendly. Therefore, we bonded easily. BTW: a private gondola for two people costs $116.00 per person. On holidays the prices are different, but you better check on their website:

Gondola ride in Plaza San Marco at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

The gondolier sang lovely Italian songs that enhanced the romantic mood of the ride. I also heard that all gondolas are authentic, imported directly from Italy.

Pictures of Venetian Las Vegas: Gondola ride on Canal Grande at Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Another nice feature at this establishment are the bridges. Ornate with European style details including the lamps, they really make you feel like you are in Italy. You can walk between the strip and the hotel and feel like you are in another world. Same with the promenade and the stairs where you can relax, while watching all the activities on the water.

Pictures of Venetian Las Vegas: Canal Grande at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Cobblestone pathways and piazzas are a common feature throughout the property.

“Rialto Bridge” however doesn’t let you be in doubt about the location… It crosses the busy Las Vegas Strip, and you know immediately where you are… :) But if you don’t look down, you can still can dream for a few minutes..

The Rialto Bridge at the Venetian, Las Vegas

Inside the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

When you enter the lobby, you will definitely find visitors taking photos of the ceiling. Once you have a look at the ceiling, you won’t resist the urge to take some photos too. The ceilings are high and covered in exquisite fresco. A newbie can easily take them for originals, but they are not.

Venetian Hotel Lobby Cupola

They are so spectacular that you can actually take a tour of the hotel with your head up the whole time. Luckily, I had my husband with me to constantly remind me to pay attention to the other attractions as well.

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Lobby

Apart from the ceiling that really captures your attention, the lobby fountain is also stylish and wonderful to look at. It’s main feature is a beautiful golden globe with statues and zodiac symbols.

Fountain Detail - Venetian Hotel Lobby

 Donation coins

Another neat water feature is the fountain in the lobby. It is a common practice for tourists to throw coins in fountains…They do that either to make a wish or in the belief that by doing this they will come back someday.
** In this case, the hotel donates the coins to The Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Center to help combat drug addiction. What a wonderful way to give back to society.

Coins in the water fountain at the Venetian hotel

Click on the images for a larger format. ** I have also uploaded some of these photos to my Fine Art America / Las Vegas gallery. If you are interested, they are available as art prints in various formats and sizes.

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