Liberace Exhibit at Cosmopolitan

The Liberace Exhibit at Cosmopolitan Hotel has been extended by popular demand (March, 2014). The display is titled “Too Much of a Good Thing Is Wonderful: Liberace and the Art of Costume”.

But the exhibit goes much further than simply showing off the costumes. His car, a piano were there as well. In addition, we could see some incredible and educational history. It was after-all a tribute to one of the penultimate performers of the 20th century.

While walking on the strip by the Cosmopolitan, my eyes were drawn in this window. A sparkly extravagant costume along with the artist’s name were displayed.

Liberace Exhibit at Cosmopolitan featured image

Liberace and Las Vegas

Unfortunately, the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas closed the doors to the public in 2010, so for those who loved his performances, this is a must-see exhibition!

Although Liberace died in 1987, he wasn’t actively performing in his last years. Therefore, the younger generation probably has no idea who he was. He will forever be attached to Las Vegas due to all of the residencies and ongoing shows. He performed at many of the famous hotels on Las Vegas strip, including the Flamingo and Caesars.
And what speaks of Las Vegas more than over-the-top glitzy outfits and more?

The Liberace Exhibit at Cosmopolitan Hotel

Liberace suits at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Exhibit in Las Vegas

While visiting the beautiful hotel, you cannot miss the shiny car.  We first didn’t know what to think…  It turned out that Liberace’s car was a perfect fit near the Chandelier bar!

Liberace's car at Cosmopolitan
Liberace's car at Cosmopolitan
Liberace's car at Cosmopolitan, view from above
Liberace’s car at Cosmopolitan, view from above

“ One of Liberace’s most prized possessions, this car is in the Style of the Duesenberg Roadster. The iconic automobile is known for its bowtie bumper and celebrity endorsers, like Rudolf Valentino, Al Capone, Clark Gable and Mae West. It is adorned with thousands of rhinestones and matches a similarly encrusted Baldwin grand piano. Both were center stage at Liberace’s final performances at Radio City Music Hall in 1986.( )

The Exhibit

When you enter the Liberace Exhibit at Cosmopolitan Hotel, the first thing that really pops is his Baldwin famous piano.  it is covered with rhinestones and it was one of the artist’s favorites. Liberace used it in the finale of his Radio City Music Hall performances back in 1986.

Liberace's Baldwin grand piano
Liberace’s Baldwin grand piano


“I don’t dress this way to go unnoticed,” is a saying that Liberace is famous for–and, boy, he sure wasn’t kidding!  You can see some of his flamboyant and extravagant costumes here.

Liberace’s Suits Collection

My husband and I loved that every costume has detailed explanations telling us a little history of Liberace’s artistic life and the context in which he used each piece.

Liberace's Phoenix Suit
Phoenix Suit
Liberace's Rhinestone Suit
Rhinestone Suit
Red, White, and Blue Hot Pants Ensemble
Liberace's Matador Suit
Liberace's King Neptune Suit
King Neptune Suit

I decided to actually make a collage with some of the costumes and the exterior window display and uploaded it to my Fine Art America personal website. In my gallery the image is available as art print for wall, home decor and accessories. Just click on it to see:

Liberace costumes Las Vegas, collage at Fine Art America,
by Tatiana Travelways
Liberace costumes Las Vegas, collage

True Showmanship At Its Best

Thanks to the Las Vegas News Bureau, there are several videos that show Liberace performing.  I found him very affable and simply charming!  Las Vegas and the World will always remember him as one of the highest paid performers.  Back in the 50’s for instance, he played at the Riviera for $50,000 per week.

Liberace Exhibit Video at Cosmopolitan
Liberace Exhibit Video at Cosmopolitan
Liberace Exhibit Video at Cosmopolitan

“I Don’t give concerts.  I put on a show.”  Liberace stated, and apparently he was quite savvy in what he was doing!

Nevertheless, the Liberace Exhibit at Cosmopolitan Hotel is proof of that.

I made this post initially in 2014, and updated it today with my collage of costumes.
Daily Word Prompt – #Savvy- #YDWordPrompt January 12, 2023

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