Winter Theme at Bellagio Las Vegas

As I anticipated, the winter theme at Bellagio, Las Vegas was as gorgeous as the other season themes I’ve seen so far at this hotel. I could sense the magic of the white holidays, as soon as I stepped inside. BTW: The winter decorations at Bellagio start on December 5.

As usual at this hotel, the Wow starts in the lobby, where the front desk is part of a rich Italian villa. This time the scene was decorated with sophisticated winter ornaments and colors. I can say that the master artists who set these themes each year for all seasons, over-deliver every time. Here they used  red, purple, green and gold, to create the sense of refined Italian antique luxury. It’s like you would expect a fairy to come and give you the key for the room :) **I uploaded this image to my Fine Art America gallery and called it “Winter Holidays at Bellagio, Las Vegas

Bellagio Hotel lobby at wintertime

Looking down the hallway, I knew immediately where the real attraction was, and it made me smile… Yes, I anticipated this too: the entrance to the winter wonderland was packed with an immense crowd coming and going :)

Entering the Winter Wonderland

The Display

We made our way to the gardens. Inside it was even worse :) people from all continents and all cultures where trying to see and photograph everything, including themselves and their families. They were all passing through the “snow storm” tunnel, a cleverly done passageway with snow blowing in-between two glass walls. I thought I was dreaming…

Polar bears

On the right side of the tunnel, is the polar bears corner. Aren’t they cute? They are all made with real white carnations, sitting on a bad of red, pink and white poinsettia… Incredible! As they say: “you have to see it to believe it” – I don’t even dare to think about what a tremendous amount of work was put into this…

I used one of these pictures as my winter greeting card this year :)

You can do the same, as it is available in my Fine Art America gallery as art print. Just click on it and you can send it to your friends and family as a Las Vegas souvenir.

You can also find more Las Vegas greeting cards and souvenirs here

Penguins and entertainment

When we first entered the gardens, I thought I heard some Christmas music coming from somewhere… Looking around, I discovered the source. The musicians where playing in the middle of an ice ground, surrounded by penguins. Another nice addition was that some of the polar birds were animated. They were moving their heads, and were even opening and closing and igloo door :)

I hope the musicians didn’t catch a cold, because they didn’t have scarves and hats as the penguins had ;)

The centerpiece

A huge 42 foot tall beautifully decorated Christmas tree was the main point of attraction, and everybody was photographing it. As a matter of fact, everybody was photographing everything :) The Christmas decorations pending from the ceiling were as beautiful as the tree itself.

The tree was actually sitting on an idyllic winter landscape with login cabins covered by snow and smoke coming from the chimney…. A real wonderland.

I got inspired and made two of these photos as paintings using the digital media. They are available in my Fine Art America as art prints:

And I took this photo by looking up at the huge Christmas globes hanging from the still and glass ceiling Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden. ** This is beautiful ceiling made in the 19 century French style always amazed me.

Christmas globes, Bellagio, Las Vegas - digital watercolor from my FAA gallery
Christmas globes, Bellagio, Las Vegas – digital watercolor from my FAA gallery

I hope you enjoyed seeing the marvelous artistic setup. Big Congratulations to the Bellagio team!
** This wonderful display will last until January when they will celebrate the Chinese New Year. However, the good news is that we’ we’ll enjoy the beauty of the winter for three more months after the solstice day :)

Check more about the winter holidays in Las Vegas.

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  1. When is the best time to see the decorations? I am planing to go for my birthday, dec 3, to Vegas and I would like to see the decorations. Are they usually there on December 1 or more in the middle of the month.

  2. Ha, ha… Thank you so much Tina! I made a postcard with one, but I will still have to add it to the post ?

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