Reflections in Las Vegas

There are a lot of reflections in Las Vegas and things to reflect about too ;)

I always like to take pictures of water and everything that mirrors in it. However, I never stay away from glass reflections. There is a tremendous number of photographic opportunities related to this subject in the amazing City of Las Vegas – starting with glass buildings to windows and displays…

Glass reflections in Las Vegas

Here is an image I liked of the Criss Angel Believe building part of the Luxor Hotel on the strip:

Reflections on the Criss Angel Believe glass covered building

But there are so many great reflections on the strip and I’d like to insert some more images I found to be interesting and worth to show:

City Center glass buildings reflecting the strip:

Las Vegas reflections

Reflective windows in Las Vegas City Center at night:

Liberace Exhibit window display – click on it to see the blog-post.

Liberace exhibit window display

Luxor Hotel pyramid reflecting the sky and clouds:

Luxor Hotel pyramid reflecting the sky and clouds

Pattern of reflections at the Excalibur Hotel:

Pattern of reflections at the Excalibur Hotel

Water Reflections in Las Vegas

Don’t take me wrong though… when I said there was not too much water in Las Vegas I meant the fact that the city is in the middle of a desert (Mojave to be more specific). However there is enough water and water features meant to attract tourists.
… And where there is water there are also water reflections – Right? :)

The reflections of the gondolas at the Venetian Hotel, are my favorite of all…

Venetian Las Vegas

This picture below is available as art print in my Fine Art America, along with others from the Venetian Las Vegas. Click on it to see the options:

Things to reflect about…

Now, let’s talk about a different kind of reflections… I mean, facts that will make you reflect about. Just look at this mushroom I found at the Nevada State Museum, and you will see what I mean:

Atomic bomb experiment in Nevada Las Vegas area in January, 1951
Atomic bomb experiment in Nevada Las Vegas area in January, 1951

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  1. Thank you so much! There is an incredible amount of photo opportunities in Las Vegas, and a lot of reflective surfaces 😀

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