Caesars Palace Fountain on Las Vegas Strip – In The Guinness World Records

Did you know that Caesars Palace Fountain on Las Vegas Strip entered in the Guinness World Records? * BTW: This is a photo of it, viewed from across the Street and framed by palm trees. It was a beautiful sunny day of March.

Caesars Palace Fountain on Las Vegas Strip, viewed from across the street

That’s because of Evel Knievel and Mike Metzger Motorcycle jumps.

Yup, the Caesars Palace Fountain in Las Vegas was made famous by 2 motorcycle riders:

1: Evel Knievel (Robbie Knievel) with his Triumph on New Year’s Eve, 1967.

Evel Knievel had several triumphs prior to this record, and used several types of motorcycles. Here he is in action. (Photo from The Selvedge Yard). From the same site, the story tells that he lost his last 100 dollars gambling at Caesars Palace casino. After a shot of whiskey he went out, but hesitated somehow with the jump. He did it, but had a bad landing ending up with serious injuries.
Evel Knivel jump at Caesars Palace

2: Mike Metzger who set a Guinness World Record with a 125-foot long motorcycle jump, in May 4, 2006.

Mike Metzger was the second one who entered in history at Caesars Palace. He not only jumped over the fountains but did some acrobatic back-flips. Here is a photo from Dirt Rider Magazine

Mike Metzger back-flips the Ceasars Palace Fountains

Quite impressive!

Now, I hope you don’t expect to find this kind of activity available on the list of Las Vegas Attractions ;)

Here is photo of the Caesars Palace Fountains I took during the Chinese New Year. They had a red banner above the entrance, with Chinese characters :)

Caesars Palace water fountains

… and this is another, viewed with the background of the Flamingo hotel (accross the street).

Caesars Palace water fountains

However, even if you can’t jump over the Caesars fountain, at least you can fly over it in a helicopter. It would be a wiser choice I think ;) Here are some options of helicopter flights over Las Vegas strip and beyond. The choice is yours!

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