8 of the Most Exciting Food and Drink Things to Do in Vegas

There are a lot of exciting food and drink things to do in Vegas, and it is not a secret that the sin city is well-known for its gourmet restaurants. Here you can easily get tipsy :)

At all the big hotels and casinos, top world chefs are competing to each other just to delight you with their outstanding culinary creations.

However, there are many places where you can also have some fun, and I made a list of 8 of what I found to be the most exciting food and drink experiences.

8 Exciting food and drink things to do in Vegas

It’s about watching the gondolas on the Grand Canal, dining with medieval knights, touring the best gourmet places in town, or grabbing a mouth-watering crepe at one of the street kiosks in Paris…

1. Romantic dining out on the edge of Grand Canal

One of the most exciting food and drink things to do in Vegas is having dinner on the Grand Canal. You can watch the gondolas at B&B Ristorante in the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas and listen to the Italian gondoliers singing.

In this casual/elegant Italian restaurant, you will be spoiled not only by the Venetian atmosphere, but also by the award-winning chefs: Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich. Click to see the menu and prices

2. Romantic Parisian dining experience

Feel the authentic Parisian atmosphere at one of the Paris casual bistros or fine dining restaurants.

French restaurants in Paris Las Vegas

When was the last time you walked the old streets of Paris with a delicious French crepe in hand?

La Creperie - Paris, Las Vegas

Have you ever dreamed of fine dining inside of the Eiffel Tower overlooking the dancing fountains at Bellagio?

3. Dinner in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace is known as a place where people go with their families or friends for special events, or just for a more exciting place to dine. Trevi Restaurant is one of the most popular because of high quality fresh food and friendly service.

4. Treat your sweet tooth at the largest Chocolate Fountain in the World

The Bellagio chocolate fountain is a Guinness Book of Records winner for its floor-to-ceiling size and it’s one of the FREE attractions in Las Vegas.

The popular attraction features actually 3 fountains in one, with 3 kinds of chocolate: dark, medium and white. No, you cannot put your finger into it and lick it :) But, you can taste the savory confections made out of this great chocolate.

Chocolate at Jean Philippe Patisserie, Bellagio
Chocolate at Jean Philippe Patisserie, Bellagio

5. Eating in a hospital environment

One of the most exciting food and drink things to do in Vegas is maybe this crazy restaurant with a hospital theme downtown on Fremont Street

Heart Attack grill restaurant in Las Vegas

The Heart Attack Grill Restaurant is a place where you have to wear a hospital gown (delivered at the entrance) and you eat the most unhealthy food in a funny atmosphere. Don’t worry, it’s a very popular place, and I haven’t heard of anyone dying because of it yet ;)

6. Fremont Street Experience bars and cafes

More exciting food and drink things to do in Vegas can be found at Fremont Street Experience. Here you can sit in one of the street’s bars or cafes, at a table, or just directly at the counter.

Starbucks cafe on Fremont Street Experience
Golden Nugget Street Bar on Fremont Street Experience

There are so many things going on all around:

  • people doing funny things,
  • people dressed in interesting costumes
  • free street entertainment
  • the canopy show above your head (in the evening),
  • the Slotzilla Zip Line heroes flying (all day long),
  • not to mention all the neon lights sparkling from the casinos…

7. Dining on the water

As the short winter days in Vegas vanish away, the outdoors welcome you to new adventures.

Lake Mead Diner Cruise

The Desert Princess paddle-wheel steamboat is just perfect for this Lake Mead dinner cruise. You will have an enchanting dining experience with a lot of exciting things to do; and it’s romantic too.

8. Dinner and Entertainment Packages

As much as Las Vegas is known for gourmet food, it’s even better known for the entertainment. So combining both would be like killing two birds with one stone :) I think that this is the real winner of the most exciting food and drink things to do in Vegas! See if any of these are suitable for you:

8+. Food tours in Las Vegas – a bonus for tourists :)

Now with these tours you really have the chance to kill not only two, but many birds with the same stone :) You will experience many restaurants, either on the strip or downtown, at daytime or night – your choice:

I hope that my collection of the 8 most exciting food and drink things to do in Vegas gave you some good ideas. If you try any of them, please let me know what you think.

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  1. Fast food is always unhealthy no matter where in the world. However that is not what Las Vegas is known for, but exactly the opposite.

  2. So many thing to do in Vegas. But it’a a no for me for the unhealthiest food that is served… at my age 🤭

  3. Not sure I’d have the nerve to eat in a place with hospital gowns. Really fun places to sit and have a bite, thanks for joining in.

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