Adrenaline Rush in Las Vegas – Things you Cannot Do Anywhere Else

Everybody likes to have some adrenaline rush once in while, right? Doctors say it’s good for you; tourists say it’s cool… It is especially cool when it happens in Las Vegas and near by. There are a lot of exciting things to do in Vegas that few would have thought they could do in the city of gambling.

Let’s start with the Strip and with the most exhilarating one:

Jumping from the Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere Tower is also called ” The top of the World”. If you never jumped down from 1,149 ft (350.2 m), now you have the chance to do it at the Stratosphere tower… or at least watch others do it ;)
I agree that you will have to stretch your neck a bit, but it’s worth it – this is what I did :)

Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas – Jumping down from the Top of the World

But the stratosphere tower is not only about jumping and screaming – although for some this is a lot of fun :)
On the “Top of the World” you can have a unique dining experience with a 360 views of Las Vegas, and many more activities that you will never forget!

New York New York roller coaster

Adrenaline rush Las Vegas - New York New York roller coaster

New York-New York Roller Coaster may not be the wildest roller coaster in existence but what makes it thrilling nonetheless is the fact that it goes right through the New York-New York hotel within a few minutes, offering you a dizzying glimpse of a brilliantly compressed version of Disney-like Manhattan. So, if you want to tour the hotel, I’d recommend that you opt for the roller coaster ride instead of a boring walk-through.

But everything in Las Vegas is more than just exciting – it’s simply unexpected!

Slotzilla Zip Line Adrenaline Rush on Fremont Street

Slotzilla zip line over Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

With Slotzilla zip line you can now fly all the way above the Fremont Street Experience, from the largest slot machine in the world! If you ever dreamed to be a super hero this is a chance that everybody no matter the age can have.

High Roller at The LINQ

High Roller at Linq in Las Vegas

The High Roller at the end of the Link Promenade is a quite new thrilling attraction in Las Vegas. It’s not as much an adrenaline rush as the others… I would say it’s more like an exciting attraction for all ages.

But it it IS exciting! This, because the spherical pods (quite spacious) go very high – at about 550 feet above the ground, making this establishment a real observation wheel – the largest in the world actually.

From here you can watch the Strip, the Link Promenade and all the special events. We’ve seen it at St. Patrick’s day time. On New Year’s Eve people book to watch the fireworks display. You can do that while having a great above the ground party – it’s quite an experience!

Want to enjoy even higher altitudes? You can just take one of the helicopter tours over the city, the Grand Canyon, or the Hoover Dam. Stay tuned!

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