Emergency Arts on Fremont Street East – The Most Creative Medical Center Ever

Emergency Arts on Fremont Street East, Las Vegas

Emergency Arts on Fremont Street East - The most creative Medical Center Ever

Finally a medical center that doesn’t scare you, but friendly invite you to enter with no fear. Don’t you like this idea of decoration?

But what is behind this attractive, unusual facade?

It is in fact the historic Fremont Medical building, the first medical center in Las Vegas. It is situated downtown Las Vegas, between El Cortez historic hotel and casino and Fremont Street Experience. “Emergency Arts is a creative collective.. ” hosted by the medical building on the second floor – read more here.

The sign in front of the  ground floor cafe, somehow explains it:

Emergency Art Center on Fremont Street, Las Vegas

It is a popular cafe that serves coffee, beer, wine, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides that, here you can find art galleries and boutiques, vinyl records and also design studios.


Emergency Arts cafe downtown Las Vegas

I personally haven’t seen something like this anywhere else – I really like the decoration of this medical center. I noticed that in time the main picture changes and more creative artistic murals are exposed. It’s probably one of those “Only in Las Vegas” things…:)

Emergency Arts and medical center on Fremont Street Las Vegas

For the fun of challenges, I posted it to:

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