Slotzilla Zip Line: Flying over Fremont Street Experience

Slotzilla zip line is a thrilling leisure activity in downtown Las Vegas – A little eccentric and a little unusual, but in this city, everything is different and unexpected :)

Slotzilla Zip-line

What’s so cool about flying Slotzilla zip line

Have you ever flown from inside a slot machine? If you haven’t, you can do it, and not just anywhere, but above the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas! The 12 story zip-line tower is a feature that epitomizes Vegas and all that it has to offer.

First, you zip down from the largest slot machine in the world

Slotzilla ziplime
Slotzilla is not only the largest slot machine in the world, but it looks beautiful too It has a huge animated arm and video reels that simulate a real slot machine. It also features a martini glass drink, pink flamingo, large dice, coins and two typical Las Vegas showgirls.

Slotzilla tower

Flying over Fremont Street Experience

Slotzilla zipline over the Fremont Street ExperienceIf you are in for a thrill then you can take the Slotzilla zip line and fly across the Fremont Street Experience.

Slotzilla zip line is totally safe

By seeing others do it, it looks like a fun experience, and if it weren’t for my irrational fear of heights, I’d have tried it out myself…Flying over the Fremont Street Experience with Slotzila Zipline

Who wouldn’t want to fly like a superhero for just $20? I believe that someday I’ll overcome this acrophobia and get my superhero moment :)

Flying with the slotzilla zipline
Flying with the slotzilla zipline
You can choose the difficulty level you want to try
  1. The standard zipline (for $20) is the easiest level of difficulty: it starts at 77 feet high and it brings you to the middle of the Fremont Street Experience, between Four Queens casino and Fremont Casino.
    Slotzilla zipliners
  2. The so called Zoom line (for $40) takes you all the way over the mall from 114 feet above the ground (10 story building). You land right over the last stage, between Golden Gate casino and Las Vegas Club casino. The photo below was taken on St.Patrick’s Day, when the show was on :)
    Slotzilla Zipline on St. Patrick's Day

But where exactly is Slotzilla zip line?

Slotzilla zip line is situated right at the beginning of the Fremont Street Experience, on the East side. As you cross Las Vegas Boulevard N. from the Fremont Street East district you see the Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas sign mounted on the Slotzilla tower. More precisely it is between the Heart Attack Grill Restaurant and Hennessy Tavern.Slotzilla tower

The tower is easy to access too: there are elevators to the top level, so you don’t need to take the stairs all the way up. At night it’s highly illuminated with neon lights and it’s a beauty to look at, especially on a starry sky!

Slotzilla tower at night

The place to buy tickets for the Slotzilla zip line is right at the foot of the tower – you cannot miss it :)

Slotzilla zip line tickets place on Fremont Street Experience

You can also buy tickets online, at the official Slotzilla website

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