Las Vegas Pink Elephant – Historic Mascot

Many may have seen the Las Vegas Pink Elephant, but not too many might have noticed it. The old historic Diamond Inn Motel  used to be the only motel with a swimming pool in the city. This was in the 70’s when the owners decided to bring the pink elephant from Disney World. You can still see it today, right across from Mandalay Bay on Las Vegas strip.

Las Vegas Pink Elephant

Those who know about it come here every time they are in Vegas and check if the pachyderm is still there :) I saw it and photographed it too – poor elephant has now a broken trunk, but it’s still so cute :) He’s still proudly guarding the swimming pool at what is now one of the cheapest motels on the strip. The sign saying “Rooms Available” is still standing. Will they decide to remodel it some day?

I really hope that in the future, somebody will decide to restore the elephant though!

Las Vegas Pink Elephant painting

But while waiting for the future to come, I decided myself to give him a new look in advance :) Therefore, I made it as a digital painting to advertise it, and maybe send an impulse to those in charge…

Here it is my cute historic elephant digitally restored somehow :)

Las Vegas Pink Elephant

Do you like it?

You can have it printed as a nostalgic souvenir from Las Vegas. Just click on the picture for details:

Art print on the wall by Tatiana Travelways

And I think that a tote bag can be a good idea too for all your Las Vegas shopping ;)

Tote Bag

That’s true: Las Vegas is full of surprises, and you never know what you will see there :)

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #83 – Future

16 Comments on “Las Vegas Pink Elephant – Historic Mascot”

  1. How interesting!… I was wondering if anybody looking at my site would know about this elephant :) I didn’t know it before, and I thought it was quite intriguing to see it right on the strip, in front of that old deteriorated motel still standing…

  2. I stayed at the motel that was known as the Pink Elephant in 1975 when I was 8 years old.
    I’ve never forgotten it and in my minds eye I can still see the beds with the coin slot to make it vibrate and the slide on the swimming pool.

  3. Yes, you got the right link for my blog. I’m not sure what happened.
    Are you using your phone or computer? Once in a while, the computer log me off WordPress and I can’t make any comments. Check that first.
    Thank you for trying to comment. I hope it’s working for now.

  4. Officially I am, but right now I’m not. We’ll go back there though – we have all our belongings there…
    BTW: I cannot find a way to put any likes or comments on you post related to the “Future” theme : Can you give me a hint?

  5. How nice – Welcome to Las Vegas, Miriam! Thank you for your appreciation on my enhanced picture too :)

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