London Bridge at Lake Havasu, Arizona

Here is the famous London Bridge at Lake Havasu, Arizona!

London Bridge - City of London sign

As many of you know, London Bridge that was once crossing the River Thames in London, England, is now crossing Havasu Lake in Arizona, USA.

London Bridge in Arizona

A visit to this famous place is an easy trip (about 2.30h drive) from Las Vegas. You can also go via Kingman, Arizona and see some nostalgic artifacts of Route 66.

Vegas to Lake Havasu City, Arizona road map

London Bridge at Lake Havasu History

Dating back to the 1830s, the London Bridge was disassembled in 1967 and transported piece by piece to the new location. The newly rebuilt bridge has a reinforced structure, but all the original elements are there.

london Bridge Kavasu Lake Arizona, details

What is interesting to note, is that every single piece has been numbered in order to be reassembled. If you look very attentively you can still see the numbers.

London Bridge numbered pieces

I found them and photographed them, because this is not something you can see every day… In this photo below, the numbers can be seen under the swallow’s nests, painted white :)

London Bridge numbered pieces

The whole history of this construction is very interesting, and you can find many exciting details in the Lake Havasu City official website

Nevertheless, London bridge is the main attraction of the town (called Lake Havasu City). However, the beautiful lake Havasu itself and the riparian area also attract many tourists all year long. The place is always busy with lots of resorts, restaurants, beaches, villas and there is even a Mall.
London Bridge ove Kavasu Lake, Arizona
Here is a digital painting I made from my original photograph. Click on the photos for more details!

London Bridge painting

An organized tour to London Bridge at Lake Havasu from Las Vegas

It is definitely worth visiting London Bridge at Lake Havasu, which is one of the Near Las Vegas Attractions. You can do it by yourself or join an organized tour.

Colorado River Jet Boat Tour

The advantage of the second option is that you can do and see more. Colorado River Jet Boat Tour plus London Bridge and Oatman Ghost Town has a lot to offer. You will go there not by the road, but by water. Yes, you heard well: a Jet Boat will take you on the Colorado River right there! The tour also offers a visit to the Oatman Ghost Town near Kingman.

** If you are interested in ghost towns, this trip is also part of a list of tours to haunted places in and nearby Las Vegas. After the tour, please come back and share with us your experience here on this page.

Water, water everywhere, even in the desert of Arizona :)

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  1. I heard about this too a very long time ago… I was not even in N.America at that time. The rumors said something like: “Guess what: an American millionaire bought the London Bridge and transported it to the USA!” I would have never thought to see it with my own eyes one day :)

  2. Very cool pictures of this iconic spot!!! Yes I had heard about the move and re construction … I love seeing your beautiful images and reading about it!!!

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