Welcome To Las Vegas Sign on Las Vegas Strip

The Welcome To Las Vegas Sign is as fabulous as the city itself.

This landmark of Las Vegas is perhaps one of the most visited and teemed places in the city. It is located at the beginning of the Las Vegas Strip, right across from the airport. That’s it – you just entered the greatest “Sin City” in the World! Feeling guilty already? Ha, ha… don’t worry! It’s just in your head so to say… :)

Hundreds of tourists stop by every day to take photos of themselves with this symbol. Many of the Las Vegas strip tours also include a stop at the sign for taking photos.

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign was designed by Betty Willis and built in 1959 by Western Neon. It’s amazing to learn is that this sign has been never copyrighted. Therefore, you can see many replicas of it all over the city. For instance, the Welcome to Downtown sign one of them and it can be seen in two places:

  1. At the end of the strip, at the intersection of Main Street and St. Louis Ave.
  2. On Fremont street right on the Slotzilla zip-line Tower
Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas at the end of the strip

But you can also find it on the slopes of Mount Charleston! I saw it when I participated in the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort Party.

It is funny that on St. Patrick’s day the sign is all green! :)

However, as famous as it is, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Sign is just one of the many Las Vegas iconic neon signs that make this city so famous.

Prints and Gifts

Didn’t have the chance to take photos of the famous sign? You can use mine. Here it is as art print in my Las Vegas gallery at Fine Art America. My photo is also available as a postcard, as wall and home decor and accessories – Just click on it to see all the options:

BTW: I also used this photo to create a watercolor picture in the digital media, also part of my FAA gallery. And if you want to see again how busy this place is, I also made a digital painting of another instance I photograph with the perspective of the strip and the parking lot. I always like to capture the golden Mandalay Bay hotel as a background for the famous welcoming sign. Just click on it to see more:

Talking about Gift Ideas, the Welcome to Las Vegas Men’s Watch can make a great souvenir from Las Vegas too. I just sold one from my zazzle store :)

Thank you for visiting and “Come Back and Soon”! – as the sign says on the back :)
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