Year of the Goat Celebration in Las Vegas

Year of the Goat Las Vegas

I was lucky to come back to Las Vegas right in time to see how my favorite hotel celebrates the Chinese New Year of the Goat. For about 2 months Las Vegas tourists could admire the art of welcoming the new year in the Chinese culture. Four times a year, Bellagio hotel is the center of some of the most popular Las Vegas family attractions.

Year of the Goat Las Vegas

The celebration took place inside the Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory, and the main view was breathtaking! The Red and gold were certainly the main colors.

Year of the Goat Las Vegas - Chinese New Year decorations at Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory 2015

As we entered to the Year of the Goat Las Vegas celebration, we could see the famous Chinese children dolls. Bellagio artists make them always using fresh-cut flowers (1,000 flowers each in this case).

The 5 Chinese traditional elements of FengShui

The whole display beautifully combined the 5 main elements in the Fengshui philosophy. The Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Air were all present as colors, textures and effects.

The Earth element

From various sources of information I learned that this year (2015), the gardens at Bellagio contained 22,000 flowers and 660 trees and shrubs.

The Air element

A light pleasant breeze was blowing over the gorgeous flowers and plants, making them move. The stream under the bridge had a little motion to it, too.

Chinese New Year Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory 2015 - Bridge over a small stream

The Water element

The Water element is represented by ponds filled with gorgeous colorful fish. There were various types of precious exotic fish – some of them were 50-60 years old! Can imagine that?… A sign was warning visitors not to throw money in the water, as this is harmful for the fish. Yet, the ponds were full of coins – oh!

The main pond in the middle of the garden was filled with 21,000 gallons of water! It was surrounded by interesting Chinese  structures, yellow chrysanthemums, red bromeliads and… visitors photographing everything :)

The Metal element

Look at those gorgeous red silk and metal lanterns above the middle pond!

Tourist at the Chinese New Year 2015, Bellagio Gardens and Conservator

Talking about “Metal”, what is more fantastic than the elaborate metal structure of the Bellagio pavilion itself?

The Fire element

In a magnificent way, the “Fire” element was created by the sun rays shinning down on the beautiful ornaments! The decorators at Bellagio definitely knew what they were doing for the “Year of the Yang”!

Chinese New Year decorations at Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory 2015

Last but not least, look at that family of five goats on the top of the big rock! . Not only they were cute, but  they were also moving their heads :) I almost thought they were posing for me…

With this, I end my journey into the world of the Chinese New Year of the Goat at Bellagio, Las Vegas. I wish you Good Luck and a prosperous year!

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