101 Exciting Things To Do in Vegas Besides Gambling

It’s all about having fun, and that is what Las Vegas activities are for; having a blast no matter what your interests.

Things To Do in Vegas

Gambling is still one of the major reasons why people visit the “Sin City”, but there are so many other things to do in Las Vegas – hard to decide what to do first…

Let’s start with something maybe more exciting… What about a little bit of adrenaline rush?!Adrenaline rush things to do in Vegas: New York New York roller coaster

Don’t worry, there are a lot more classic things to do in Vegas.

Cultural things to do in Vegas – Museums and Attractions

One of a kind of tour and activity in Las Vegas you never new before! Amaze yourself and see what the talented reputed entertainer: Wayne Newton (known as “Mr. Las Vegas”) was able to accomplish with his fortune in Las Vegas: Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah Tour

You can learn about the past dark side of the city where murders and disappearances occurred, plus secrets about the mob activities back in time: The Vegas Mob Tour

If you are excited about knowing more about the history of this famous wild-west city, the museum tour would be a wise thing to take: Las Vegas Museum Tour

One Museum I highly recommend is the Nevada State Museum in Las VegasNevada State Museum featured image

Here you can see and learn more things about the impressive history of Las Vegas than you can learn anywhere else. – A total family and kids friendly activity in Las Vegas.

*From time to time there are also some free exhibitions and art galleries, like the Liberace exhibit at Cosmopolitan

Romantic things to do in Vegas

Is Las Vegas romantic? Without-doubt it is! – Otherwise it wouldn’t have been such a popular place for weddings and honeymoons…

I personally love the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, and I go there every time I visit the city. I just like to sit on the stairs in front of Palazzo Ducale and watch the (real) Venetian gondolas – this is not something you really think to find in the desert of Nevada, is it :)

Gondola ride on Canal Grande, at Venetian Hotel, Las VegasI think that next time I’ll try the Super Saver Romance Package. – It also includes the visit of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and Lunch or Dinner

Talking about outdoors, there also a lot of things to do near Las Vegas for the passionate tourists :)

Near Las Vegas Activities

One of them is the Valley of Fire – a short trip from Las Vegas stripValley of Fire Desert Bighorn Sheep

Now it’s maybe the good time to think about some food, especially after all the excitement above ;)

Gourmet things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its gourmet restaurants. So if you like have this experience, I made a list of the 8 of the Most Exciting Food and Drink Things to Do in Vegas

Exciting Food and Drink things to do in Vegas

** This should be a priority on your Things To Do in Las Vegas list ;)

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